Solutions for Online Marketplaces

97% of online shoppers in Australia use marketplaces frequently.  Have you tapped into marketplaces yet?

Demand for your products likely already exists on marketplaces.  List them and start selling immediately.

Marketplaces are the fastest way to build a multichannel retail empire, providing it’s done right from the start.

Managing marketplace channels efficiently requires a unified commerce solution capable of syncing inventory and orders continuously.

Australia’s marketplace explosion

In the beginning, there was eBay.  For over 20 years eBay was the only real marketplace in Australia along with Gumtree (owned by eBay).

Then in 2017 everything changed.

Amazon arrived Down Under, triggering a wave of new marketplaces.  Today there are over 40,000 Australian businesses offering their wares on marketplaces.

Almost all online shoppers in Australia use marketplaces, meaning marketplaces should be considered as a core part of any online retailer’s channel mix.  For efficiency, where possible integrate your inventory and order management system directly with each marketplace.

Each marketplace has it’s own particular audience, so it will not be appropriate to sell your products on all marketplaces.  Do your research and understand the demographic and category strengths of each.