Solutions for Multichannel Retail

There never has been a more important time to be selling online. Bricks’n’mortar retail will always be with us,but today’s customers have options. That means retailers need to be accessible everywhere their customers are looking for them. Mobile and internet technologies have made us more connected and savvy than ever before. Secure platform and cloud technologies now allow retailers to unify and centralise their operations for greater efficiency, transparency, and seamless cross-channel customer experiences. This is what we do.
We deliver seamless and effective multichannel solutions for today’s retailers
across webstores, marketplaces and
physical stores

Web Design for eCommerce

Designing for ecommerce requires careful consideration of the entire customer journey from idea to purchase and beyond
What catches the customer’s eye may not capture their imagination or make them buy. Details do make a difference.
From inception to execution, our web design process is comprehensive, thorough and effective.
Frictionless and intuitive pathways enable customers to find what they want quickly whilst keeping them engaged.

Data & Images for eCommerce

A website experience can only ever be as good as the integrity of the data behind it.
Complete and accurate information about your products is the foundation of your retail business.
Sourcing and structuring product data and images well will influence conversion.
We specialise in data and image optimisation for online retail across all channels.

Automotive Solutions

Empower your customers with the ability to quickly find parts that fit their car or motorbike on your website.
Save your customer’s vehicle or motorcycle details for easy recall when they return.
Implement automotive fitment for the eBay marketplace using our product tagging solution.
Our data and image structuring allows your products to be found faster and sold more often.

The 5 Essential Ingredients of Online Retail


We are more connected and more informed than any generation in history. Advances in modern mobile and communication technologies means customers can research and purchase from almost anywhere in the world whenever they want.

ZELLIS leverages multichannel technology to make your retail offering available to a broader audience.


Online retail cannot exist without trust.  Trust is created and maintained through an engaging and intuitive user experience. First impressions are made within seconds, so your website design and functionality needs to be exceptional.

ZELLIS understands the delicate nature of trust and helps you acquire it from your customers.


Data integrity is the very foundation of ecommerce. How you present your products in word and image has a direct impact on conversion. Your product data needs to be optimised correctly from the start.  Poorly structured data will cost you sales.

ZELLIS specialises in data and image creation, structuring and optimisation for ecommerce.


Understanding the processes requires for multichannel retail is key to coordinating them efficiently. Unifying your data, transactions, fulfilment and customer records into a single dashboard gives you better control over your business.

ZELLIS will unify your retail empire so it can scale efficiently well into the future.


A memorable customer experience relies heavily on the pathways you offer.  The easier and faster it is for customers to find what they’re looking for, the more likely they will be to buy.  The better the unboxing experience, the faster they will return.

ZELLIS has deep experience in online retail across all stages of the customer journey.

Maropost Commerce Cloud is an award winning multichannel commerce platform with more features and functionality than any other comparable ecommerce system.
ZELLIS is a proud Maropost Commerce Cloud Gold Certified Partner and a Maropost Marketing Cloud Silver Agency Partner