High-Impact Webstore Design

What catches the customer’s eye may not capture their imagination. Details do make a difference.

Designing for ecommerce requires careful consideration of the entire customer journey from idea to purchase and beyond.

From inception to execution, our web design process is comprehensive, thorough and effective.

Frictionless and intuitive pathways enable customers to find what they want quickly whilst keeping them engaged.

We do all the hard work for you

A great website is no accident.  The best websites are well considered, scoped and executed.


Our design priorities

Effectiveness is in the DNA of every ZELLIS webstore. Looking good is not enough.

Our custom designed webstores are high-converting because of the scoping process.  

No assumptions are made.  Everything is planned. The mindset of each customer type is considered.


We believe the best webstores are…


First impressions count.  When somebody arrives at your webstore, first impressions are made subconsciously within seconds. The placement and relevance of imagery and words matter in those crucial seconds.

ZELLIS pays attention to the things your customers will respond positively to within seconds.


Grabbing attention quick doesn’t lead to sales.  The follow through must be on point and well considered. Customers who see what they expect grow in confidence, tend to stay longer and are more willing to buy.

ZELLIS considers the customer mindset at all stages of their journey and hedges them gently towards their goal.


The simplest and most fluid customer journeys are built on necessary complexity. Offering multiple intuitive pathways allows customers to create their own unique journey without distraction.  The best online experiences are effortless.

ZELLIS understands the complexities that are necessary to power ecommerce, and makes them appear easy.


Although swiping and clicking might not seem like effort, in the trance of online shopping, every little extra step diminishes the desire to buy. Removing unnecessary steps requires an awareness of the customer’s options and likely responses.

ZELLIS aims to make the journey to purchase as fast and frictionless as possible.


Being remembered is the key to repeat business and word-of-mouth. Being memorable extends beyond the screen and into the physical world through fulfilment and product experience. An end-to-end experience is critical.

ZELLIS builds online customer experiences that turn expectation into delight.

Design Tweaks & Customisations

The best webstores are a living, breathing destination.  Keeping your website fresh and current is not only smart, it engages customers better and encourages them to visit frequently.  Some products and categories are seasonal, and all businesses evolve over time.

Need changes made to your existing webstore?  We can do that.

Need help setting up a new webstore?  We’ve got it covered.

ZELLIS is a Maropost Platinum Agency Partner, a Shopify Partner and a Shopline Partner with deep technical and capability familiarity with each platform.

Chat with us  today and we’ll make the changes while you get on with business.