Here is a selection of videos from presentations by ZELLIS covering topics relating to ecommerce, data structuring, marketplaces and automotive ecommerce.

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New Retail: Launching your online store

What does it take to launch an online retail business. ZELLIS CEO and ecommerce expert Tim Davies runs through all the components one by one and shares the questions you’ll need to consider to succeed.

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Interview with Tim Davies, CEO of ZELLIS (2022)

ZELLIS CEO Tim Davies talks about the pillars of ecommerce, data and customer experience and shares the massive growth that is happening in the automotive parts online retail space at the moment.

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How to get your data right for selling big online

Selling online is a bit like building a house.  You put in lots of effort to dig deep holes in the ground, set reinforcing and pour concrete, and then cover it all up!  But without the right foundation, the house will never be stable.  So it is with the quality and structure of your product data.  In this presentation, ZELLIS CEO Tim Davies explains in plain language the crucial importance of structured data and how to achieve it to succeed as an online retailer or marketplace seller.

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eBay or Amazon – which marketplace should you trade on?

As the 3rd and 5th biggest marketplaces in the world, Amazon and eBay are often portrayed as alternative for sellers.  In this presentation, ZELLIS CEO Tim Davies explores and compares the opportunity that these two marketplaces offer sellers, and you might be surprised at what you discover.

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How to boost sales of your car parts & accessories on eBay

A car part or accessory sells every 3 seconds on  It’s a $5 billion industry that is showing no signs of slowing down.  In this practical session, ZELLIS CEO Tim Davies reveals how you can make a fortune selling automotive parts and accessories on eBay, and how to fully leverage the powerful fitment and search functions on the marketplace to dominate. 

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How and when you should start your own website

Starting an online retailing webstore is nowhere near as fast and easy as it’s often portrayed. Understanding how ecommerce works and knowing the ingredients are vital to succeeding online.   In this session ZELLIS CEO Tim Davies breaks down the steps to preparing and launching your own webstore.

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Managing the risks and challenges of trading on eBay

eBay is the largest marketplace in Australia and operates in 39 countries globally.  What a massive audience to get your products in front of.  But just like any business, trading on eBay is not without risks.  Sometimes they bite you when you’re least prepared.  In this informative session, ZELLIS CEO Tim Davies sets out the very real risks and challenges you need to be aware of so you can trade profitably for a long time and avoid a disaster. 

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Interview of Tim Davies, CEO of ZELLIS (2021)

20 minute interview hosted in 2021 by NORA. Dean Jones of Glam Corner interviews Tim Davies, founder and CEO of leading ecommerce agency ZELLIS about the latest trends in ecommerce, marketplaces and more.