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The opportunity

Over AUD$100 billion of car and motorcycle parts and accessories are sold online globally each year and this is forecast to triple over the next 5-6 years.  The auto parts sector is still lagging about 10-12 years behind other retail categories with only around 5% of sales online, but not for long.  We’re already seeing a dramatic increase in the number of car, motorbike and truck dealerships investing in a digital strategy.  Providing the right elements and technologies are in place, auto dealerships and aftermarket retailers who have launched webstores are typically growing strong. In this space, early movers are the biggest winners.

The problem

Shopping for auto parts and accessories online can be daunting.  Whilst mechanics and auto industry workers may be familiar with the components that cars, trucks and bikes are made with, most motorists aren’t.  Since we only spend money when we are confident about what we’re getting, customer trust and confidence are crucial for shopping online.  Given the average car is comprised of around 30,000 individual parts, the chance of getting something that doesn’t fit is quite high.  So it’s vital that online customers feel assured they have the right part for their specific model.

The solution

We call it ‘guardrailing’. It means making sure that customers on your webstore can quickly and easily find products compatible with their specific make and model, and have complete confidence they will fit perfectly. This is easier said than done as evidenced by the fact that only around 20% of auto parts & accessories webstores have a part finder.  It starts with well structured product attributes, images and fitment data.  Then upon on that data foundation, we deploy a series of intuitive pathways guiding your customers to checkout with high confidence.

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The benefits

  • More sales
  • Higher value sales
  • Happier customers
  • Less returns
  • Less customer support burden
  • More repeat customers

Additionally, offering parts & accessories online gives you:

    • Instant access to a nationwide (or international) customer audience
    • A shop that never closes

Our fitment solutions

  • Part finders
  • Compatibility badges
  • Rego/VIN lookup
  • Virtual garage
  • Aftermarket brand data & images
  • Fitment tagging dashboard
  • Customer model log
  • eBay fitment integration
  • DMS integrations
  • Order fulfilment
  • Returns management
  • Product data/image optimisation
  • Channel management

Deployed on your existing webstore or we’ll build a
high converting auto parts webstore for you.

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