Composable Multichannel Commerce

Customise your empire with all the best bits

No single system or platform is a complete solution.

Choose a core platform that covers most of what your business requires, and then connect all the best bits.

Tim Davies, CEO, ZELLIS

Integrateability is a crucial requirement for all systems being used by today’s multichannel retailers and wholesalers.

Integration methodology, protocols and capabilities vary across providers.    We favour systems that deliver the best component solutions and have robust and reliable integration capabilities.

Where existing integrations don’t exist, we can create them providing the endpoints and automations exist in the systems to be connected.

Our integrations save time and money

  • eCommerce platforms
  • Online marketplaces
  • Multiple webstores
  • In-store POS
  • PIM & databases
  • ERP, CRM or DMS platforms
  • Marketing solutions
  • Social media platforms
  • Payment solutions
  • Communication systems
  • Supplier systems
  • Inventory solutions
  • Warehouse management
  • Fulfilment solutions
  • Dropshippers
  • Tracking systems
  • Automotive fitment solutions
  • Reporting solutions

Integrations is what we do

With a decade of hands-on experience delivering robust multichannel solutions for our clients, our solutions specialists and developers have the tools and experience to compose the ideal solution for your business.

We understand budget is a major factor in choosing the systems to support your commerce business.  It is not uncommon to start with the core essentials and then add more automations and integrations over time. We take an ‘over-the-horizon’ approach to ensure that your time, effort and investment is fully leveraged for growth.

We make a point of partnering with the best integrateable solutions in the multichannel sector to ensure reliable access and support for the leading integrations our clients depend on for their growth and profitability.

Our multichannel solution specialists can review your tech stack, assess your business needs for the foreseeable future, and find out how much integrations and automations can boost efficiency, performance and top line revenue.

Speak to us today about integrations.

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