Our duty of care

In the course of providing our services, we continuously deal with information pertaining to our clients, partners and solution providers, some of which may be commercially sensitive, embargoed or confidential.  Our reputation and credibility is measured by how circumspect we are with the information entrusted to us, and we take our position of trust very seriously.

What you share with us

In our dealings with you, we are likely to be discussing confidential or sensitive information pertaining to you and your business.  This may include usernames, passwords, marketing and commercial strategies, product sources, pricing and suppliers, intellectual property, trade secrets, know-how and other related information and processes.  We understand that what you know and what you do may be part of your competitive advantage and is therefore commercially sensitive.

Any such information reasonably deemed to be confidential or sensitive, or anything you explicitly tell us is confidential will be kept confidential, and will not be shared with anybody unless we have first obtained your written consent.  It goes without saying that we will need to share information with our own staff and contractors in order to deliver our services competently to you.  Rest assured, they are all committed to the ZELLIS Assurance Guarantee too.

Depending on the scope of our engagement, we may need to interact on your behalf with third party solution and service providers such as platforms and marketplaces, or to obtain information from them about the suitability of their offerings for you.  Where this happens, we will only share non-confidential information about your business unless you have given us consent otherwise.

What we share with you

We may also be sharing sensitive or confidential information with you pertaining to business practices, strategies, know-how, competitive tactics, third party solutions and resources.  You are free to tell others that you are working with ZELLIS, but are not permitted to share the tips, guidance and recommendations we offer without our prior written consent.  Our guidance and recommendations are not generic, but are deliberately considered and tailored specific to your business needs and aspirations, and therefore are unlikely to be valid for other businesses.

What we say about each other

We value our clients and the confidence they place in us to help improve their business affairs, and we hope you value our input to your business in the same way.  We promise never to say anything disparaging about you or your business, and expect the same professionalism in return.

If you have any questions or concerns about the way your confidential information is managed by us, please speak up so we can address it promptly to your satisfaction.

Playing fair

You will appreciate that we also have a duty of care to our partners and may be required by law to disclose abuse of our partner’s services where we discover it whilst working with you, especially unauthorised or unlicensed use of third-party data. We expect you to be observing the applicable laws, regulations and policies that pertain to your business insofar as they relate to any of our partners too.

Right to decline service

We may respectfully decline service or delivery of solutions to you where we believe they are not appropriate for your business or where we are not confident we can deliver what you require.  We also reserve the right to decline service where our staff are treated with disrespect.

You’re covered

All ZELLIS web design projects, tweaks, customisations or integrations come with a 30 day assurance period during which time any errors, omissions or malfunctions will be rectified at no extra charge.  Beyond this time, all requests will be quoted as a new task.  This is due to the constantly changing nature of the platforms, systems, processes and policies upon which our work is built. Thanks for trusting ZELLIS.  It means a lot to us.