Fitment Guardrailing

Turn your online shoppers into confident repeat customers

Shopping online for automotive parts or accessories can be daunting for motorists.

It is vital that customers feel confident they have the right part for their specific model and version, or they usually won’t risk it.  Our approach to automotive ecommerce is to deliver absolute confidence to the customer at every step across your webstore and beyond, before, during and after each transaction.

We achieve this through a concept we call ‘guardrailing’.

Imagine you’re driving up in the mountains on a winding road, with steep precipitous cliffs all the way.  You’ll feel so much safer with guard rails along the side of the road.  Most customers shopping online are nervous by default.  They can’t see you.  They can’t see the product.  They can only see what you choose to show them.  If they’ve never bought from you before, they’ll be even more nervous.  The winners in online retail are the businesses that do the best job at instilling confidence into their customers.  Accuracy, accessibility, credibility and trust will make or break your online business.  So do it right to win.

Guardrail your customer journey

Provide your customers with obvious and reassuring confirmations all the way through their journey on your webstore.  Make the journey as foolproof as possible.  Give your customers every reason to be confident buying from you. 

The more your customers trust you, and the more confident they feel that they have the exact parts and accessories that fit their specific model, the more they will be willing to spend.  When their trust is validated upon receiving the order and confirming the part is an exact fit, they’ll be far more likely to return for more, and tell others about your webstore too. 

Eliminate customer doubts and potential confusion from your automotive webstore through guardrailing.  It is worth it.

The impact?

Dealerships and aftermarket retailers who deploy our fitment solutions and guardrailing on their webstore typically see a significant boost in sales conversion overall.  Our clients have experienced revenue increases from online sales of between 30% to 300%.  Results vary depending a range of clearly defined factors including:

  • The features deployed
  • The availability of accurate fitment data
  • The speed at which new product data and images is added
  • The life-stage of the webstore
  • The level of commitment and resources for ecommerce within the business
  • The ability of the business to properly support online customers

The most successful online retailers and dealerships:

  • Plan thoroughly
  • Devote appropriate resources to the channel
  • Commit to ongoing data optimization and fitment tagging
  • Leave nothing to chance

Our guardrailing functions & features

Below are some of our most popular guardrailing features.  Which ones are appropriate for your webstore will depend on a range of factors.  Don’t worry, we will conduct a review of your existing webstore and recommend the features that will deliver the biggest impact on sales.  The styling and placement of the functions and features you select will be done so it looks like they were always there.  If you don’t have a webstore yet, we’ll provide you with a range of options to get you off to a good start based on your budget and business resources.  Automotive ecommerce is a core specialisation of ZELLIS.

Part finder

Part finders are a super convenient and common method of helping your online customers quickly identify their specific car or motorbike model, and then be shown only the products that are known to be compatible with it. Deploying a part finder on your webstore instantly puts you ahead of the 80% of automotive parts websites that don’t have a part finder!

Registration and/or VIN lookup

Without a doubt the easiest way for customers to identify their specific model.  Leveraging the NEVDIS national database allows your webstore visitors to quickly identify their vehicle or bike even if they’re not entirely sure which year or specific variant they have.  Works with both Redbook and TecDoc.

Sitewide filtering

Once your customer has selected their model, everything they browse or search thereafter will be automatically filtered by that model so they only see compatible products.

Compatibility confirmation badges

Reassure your online customers all the way to checkout that they have the parts that fit their specific model.   Confident customers checkout faster, place higher value orders and return more often.

Virtual private garage

Allowing your online customers to park their car or motorbike models in a virtual private garage on your webstore means they can view compatible parts much faster when they next return.

But wait, there’s more!

Logging rego/VIN lookups so you can see what models each customer has helps you better target your marketing and communication to drive sales. 

Capturing the part finder model, rego or VIN during checkout allows you to double-check they have ordered the right part and offer relevant advice for installation or usage.  Knowing which specific model your customer has can also be a powerful aid when dealing with returns and exchanges.

No two businesses are entirely the same, so the features that will best empower your customers to buy more and return more frequently requires careful review and discussion with you.  We know that deploying fitment solutions can be complex and time consuming, so we’ll be drawing on our experience to ensure you do it right from the start.

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